Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun Times

It has been a wonderful and busy last few weekends. Keith, Sarah, and Greta were able to stop by a couple weekends ago while traveling through Iowa. We loved watching the two cousins playing together. Of course, it only made us wish that we lived closer. We then packed up the car and headed South to see Nanny, Pappy, Michelle, Scott, and many friends in Little Rock. The time always flies by and leaves us wishing for more time with loved ones. The weather was amazing! It really made us miss the warmer climates of the South. Especially since it's been in the 30's in Iowa lately. Yes, still waiting for Spring to begin.

Greta and Edward

Beautiful Aunt Sarah and Cousin Greta

Edward and one of his best buds, Jonas Madison

Some of my previous co-workers from North Little Rock Womans Clinic


The three Heller boys, any resemblance?

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Scott

Friday, April 18, 2008

Midwest Earthquake?!

Headline news:
WEST SALEM, Ill — "A 5.2-magnitude earthquake centered in southern Illinois rattled homes and skyscrapers across the Midwest early Friday, causing little damage but surprising residents unaccustomed to such a powerful temblor."
Supposedly, many felt it here in Iowa too. Thankfully, I was sleeping at 4:30 AM.

On to less exciting news. It has been a very busy April so far. The month started with John's 30th birthday. The following weekend we went to a Family Life Marriage Conference in Des Moines. Excellent!!! If you have never gone, GO. Our Chapel sends six couples every year. It's such a great investment. This also happened to be our first weekend adventure without Edward. He stayed with his Grandma and Grandpa Rinehart...didn't even miss us.

This last week:
We've had a bunch of little friends over to play.
Attended a Laura Ingles Wilder play at the University of Iowa State.
Planned to go to Little Rock for the weekend, canceled the trip until next week.
Got a great surprise call yesterday saying that Sarah, Keith, and cousin Greta are coming for the weekend, YEAH!!!
Took Edward to the Dr. today because he's got a bad cold, cough, fever and he's been exposed to Strep, Scarlet Fever, Fifths disease...etc. Thankfully, the Dr. said that it's not bacterial at this point. We are praying that he doesn't get little Greta sick.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday!

We love you so much!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st and SNOW

Sadly, this is NOT an April Fools joke. Well actually, all the snow Edward is sitting on in this picture has melted. However, we did get a very small dusting this AM.
We continue to live in frigid temps here in Iowa. I was hoping that by April 1st we would have some 60 degree temps. And no, not yet. Supposedly by the end of the week we will see highs in the 50's. Edward and I are getting so tired of being stuck at home. The few days that we've gotten to spend outside have been such a treat...even if we have a heavy coat, hat, gloves, leggings, and blankets on.
Here are some pictures of Edward on Easter Sunday. It was slightly snowy that day, but he couldn't wait to wear the outfit that Nanny and Pappy Heller bought him for Easter. Apparently, it's been in the high 70's in Little Rock for quite some time. We try not to think about it.
Regardless, today the sun is shining and if you are shielded from the wind it feels pretty warm. ;)