Sunday, June 14, 2009


- 70 degrees and BEAUTIFUL!
- My Parent's 33rd Anniversary - CONGRATS!!!
- Dad's 57th Birthday
- Farmer's Market continued - Still grilling Asparagus. Strawberries are next.
- Six months and counting...not sure if I'll be ready by Oct. 1st
- Date night with my awesome man and music by Coldplay, LOVED EVERY MINUTE.
- Edward is talking up a storm. Ex: This AM he said that one day he was going to have hair on his face "like Daddy," silly boy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A lesson in golf

John and I took Edward out for his FIRST round of golf. It went WAY better then I had imagined. He enjoyed putting the golf ball right by the hole and then he'd hit it in on the first or fifth try. Edward also enjoyed Oreo's, Sprite, and running ALL around the golf course. He's hoping that some of his Uncle's and Aunt's will take him out for a round when they get a moment.