Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harvest Time 2010

I've been a TERRIBLE blogger...and probably will continue to be. I blame it mostly on my computer and its issues.
I am so far behind with pictures and updates, here is a random and recent mix.

Edward's favorite time of the year. Combine season!

Our one year old

Our three and a half year old

Bears Game in Chicago

Lincoln Park Zoo

Praise music with my boys

Eva and her friend Kinsley

Newly painted front door


Rachel C said...

Wow, cant believe how big she is! Beautiful family!

jess said...

Door looks great!

Caleb and Anna said...

Kari- I just read your post about your loss. I pray for your continued comfort and can see the faith you have so evidently through your words! Praise the Lord for making Himself known to you during this difficult time. And your thoughts about treasure in heaven in light of your baby are new and precious. Anna